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May 2024: Quarterly Updates

We’re happy to share the latest update report from The Grace Project Training Center (formerly The Grace Institute Zambia)!

Explore the progress, wins, and prayer points for this month as we continue our mission to empower pastors and transform communities through theological education.

The Grace Project Training Center (TGPTC) is on a mission to enhance accessibility to theological education, aiming to become the most accessible theological training center worldwide. They’re seeking funding for their distance education program, requiring $15,000 CAD per year. Your support can make a huge difference! Consider sponsoring a student through distance education at just $50 per month. Your generosity will not only provide financial assistance to a student in need but also contribute to TGPTC’s vision.

Check out our latest update report for all the details here.

Your support and prayers make a world of difference in spreading the love and wisdom of the Gospel.

March 2024

In March, The Grace Project Africa made significant strides in advancing its mission of providing accessible theological education in Zambia. The month marked the successful launch of the 2024 intake, with 13 dedicated students joining the program. Additionally, the institute achieved a major milestone with the establishment of a robust local board, comprising industry experts committed to guiding the ministry’s growth and development. Choolwe, the executive director, says, “We have settled into our new classroom structure (central location) while navigating how to continue being a blessing to students in the rural communities in making bible training accessible and affordable for them. Our vision still has the rural pastors at heart, and we are restructuring ourselves into a more professional and excellent institution while being mindful not to leave our most vulnerable target audience behind.”

Praise Points:

  1. Successful enrollment of 13 students into the 2024 program.
  2. Establishment of a robust local board to provide guidance and oversight.

Prayer Points:

  1. Provision of essential resources such as lecturer’s allowances and rental fees.
  2. Formation of strategic partnerships to enhance the ministry’s impact and credibility.

Other Developments:

The Grace Project Africa is actively working towards accreditation with the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia, a critical step in solidifying its status as a legitimate training center. Despite facing rigorous requirements, the institute remains committed to meeting them to ensure the quality and legitimacy of its educational programs. Furthermore, following the change of ministry directors at PACRA, the institute successfully pursued a name change from The Grace Institute Zambia to The Grace Project Training Center.

Your prayers and support are invaluable as The Grace Project navigates these challenges and opportunities.

Feb 2024: New Blog Post!

In the heart of a Zambian community, Stephen Banda, a second-year student at The Grace Institute Zambia (TGIZ), ignited a spark of change that’s transforming lives. Join us on Stephen’s journey as he turns small steps into life-changing leaps through TGIZ’s transformative theological education program.


Driven by a big heart and a simple idea of poultry farming, Stephen and his team embarked on a mission to uplift the less fortunate in their community. Witness how their initiative not only provided economic opportunities but also brought newfound purpose and faith to those in need.

Stephen’s story is just one of many examples of the impactful work TGIZ is doing. Your support is crucial in sustaining TGIZ’s operations and empowering passionate individuals like Stephen to continue making a positive difference in Zambia. Invest in TGIZ today and be a part of transforming lives and communities for the better.

January: Updates From TGIZ

The Grace Institute Zambia has undergone significant changes recently. With Rev Andrew Sakala stepping in as the new School Director, they’ve focused on improving their courses and fostering partnerships with churches and organizations.

The institute is also revamping its classrooms and seeking financial support. Their presence on Radio Christian Voice and One Love Radio has garnered positive feedback. However, urgent needs for securing a two-year place and improving facilities like chairs and bathrooms require immediate attention.

Read the updates here.

Join us on this transformative journey of education! Your contributions in funding desks for students and supporting operational needs will directly shape the futures of our aspiring ministers. Thank you for considering being part of The Grace Institute Zambia’s mission to empower the leaders of tomorrow!

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October-December 2023 Ministry Report

The Grace Institute Zambia has undergone significant transformations in recent months, focusing on enhancing its academic structure, engaging with key stakeholders, and planning for an expanded educational approach. The organization has made crucial strides in curriculum development, staff recruitment, and strategic partnerships. That includes restructuring many aspects of the organization and introducing a new school director to handle all academic matters.

As we move forward, the Institute aims to provide holistic theological education, preparing students for effective ministry work. 

Read the whole report here.

Special Fundraiser: Desks for Students

With potentially up to 30 students gearing up for the upcoming term in Lusaka, your generosity is pivotal in creating an enriching classroom environment. Your contribution of $150 will furnish a student with a vital tool for their educational journey – a desk. These desks serve as more than mere furniture; they create an environment where aspiring pastors can gather, learn, collaborate, and grow together.

Your generosity will help us create a conducive learning space that aligns with the cultural needs of our students. With your support, we’re not just providing desks; we’re enabling an atmosphere where students can engage, share ideas, and thrive.

Every desk sponsored is a tangible investment in the education and development of future leaders within communities and churches. Will you help us meet this urgent need before January 15th? Be part of this transformative journey by choosing ‘Desk for a student’ during the donation process. Together, let’s build a foundation for knowledge, growth, and impactful leadership!

New Blog Post: November 2023

Meet Yvonne, a true testament to the transformative power of education and unwavering trust in God’s grace. Yvonne’s incredible story will touch your heart and inspire your soul.

Yvonne’s Journey of Faith – Yvonne’s life was forever changed by her time at The Grace Institute Zambia. Her deep scriptural knowledge and newfound understanding of God’s word transformed not only her personal life but also her ministry, making it more profound and impactful. Her journey was not without challenges, but her faith in God never wavered, even in the darkest of times.

During her studies, Yvonne faced an unimaginable trial when her daughter fell critically ill. Her unwavering trust in God led to a miraculous event.

Read Yvonne’s remarkable journey at

July 2023

Are you a changemaker? Do you believe in empowering pastors with a divine calling? We’re sharing the photos of one of the combined classes for the second semester at The Grace Institute Zambia, hoping you will be inspired. These aspiring pastors are breaking barriers and overcoming educational and financial challenges in their mission to serve their communities. 

At The Grace Project International (TGPI) and its school, The Grace Institute Zambia (TGIZ), we know firsthand the immense importance of supporting pastor training. These spiritual shepherds, or ‘Grace Ambassadors,’ are vital in guiding and nurturing their congregations with love and wisdom.

By donating to The Grace Project International, you become essential to equipping and empowering pastors who face hurdles in accessing traditional Bible colleges and Seminaries. Your support gives them the tools, resources, and mentorship they need to deepen their theological knowledge, biblical understanding, and pastoral care skills.

June 2023: Ministry Report

In June 2023, the team at TGI powered through several items for the July 2023 admissions.

Among the highlights are the wins, which included the July Orientation held at the Ng’ombe outlet. The month of June was focused on marketing and advertising programs available at the Institute. The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia held its annual General Assembly at the Bread of Life Church in Lusaka. The TGI office staff, partners and students also undertook an outreach program in Mtendere East and George compounds of Lusaka.

While TGIZ has faced the harsh reality of the challenges arising from a decentralized model, your prayers and support have sustained our faithful partners. Read the report here

May 2023

“We began this journey because the Lord helped me to understand that 85% to 90% of pastors and church leaders worldwide could not access good theological education and ministry training. Can you imagine 3 million pastors worldwide this Sunday will get into the pulpit without the training they need? God has called them, and God has equipped them. We want to ensure that that understanding of the gospel is the gospel of God’s grace.” – Brian Windsor, Founder of The Grace Project International.

A message from Brian Windsor, Founder of TGPI

Feb 2023: Yvonne’s Testimony

A Miraculous Healing!

Yvonne was a student of TGIZ who graduated last year and will join TGIZ this year to begin working towards opening a TGIZ school. Yvonne is a widower who dotes on her daughter. Last year, Yvonne’s daughter became critically ill and slipped into a coma. Over the ensuing months, Yvonne spent her days in the hospital at her daughter’s side. She would complete her course assignments there and then leave her daughter’s side to attend class. Her dedication to her daughter and her studies was an inspiration to everyone!

On several occasions, Yvonne was asked to allow the hospital to remove her daughter’s life support. These were times of intense prayer. One day as they were about to pull life support, the nurses saw her finger move, but she never came out of the coma. One day, while Yvonne was at school, a Christian nurse felt she needed to call an ambulance to take the daughter to a healing service at an outdoor rally.

We can only imagine the scene when the ambulance pulled onto that field. The pastors saw the ambulance and learned of the situation. They called the daughter, still in a coma, to come out of it – and come out she did! All this happened while Yvonne was still in class! Imagine her surprise and gratefulness for her daughter being healed! One week later, her daughter was back in church leading worship. We serve a God who still heals!

January 2023: Oliver’s Testimony

Trusting God for the Impossible

Oliver was a student who graduated last year and will join TGIZ in 2023 to begin working towards opening a TGIZ school. But Oliver’s story did not start out this way.

Oliver is a successful pastor with a church of over 200 members. With growth came the need to buy land and build a new church. When Oliver began his studies with TGIZ, he really struggled to complete his work and receive a passing grade. Oliver’s tragic childhood was a reason for his struggle. Shortly after his parent’s death, he had to leave school in grade 7. He was raised by his relatives, but financial pressures required Oliver to leave school, forcing him to beg and do odd jobs.

Oliver wanted to drop out of Bible school, but his wife recognized the importance of the education and training he was receiving, so she encouraged him to continue. TGIZ partners and staff offered to help Oliver overcome his learning challenges. With time, he began to handle his studies and excel! Today, Oliver is an encouragement to all of us as we see the power of God at work in us and those who do not qualify to attend good Bible schools.

The story does not end there. Oliver pastors a denomination based in Kenya, with churches in several African nations. When the leaders heard of Oliver’s progress at TGIZ, they examined our curriculum and his progress. Oliver was invited to be ordained as a Reverend, and his denomination paid for the expenses. Oliver testifies, “In God, all things are possible!”

October, 2022

It has been a busy month at The Grace Institute Zambia. The Lord has been good. Brian and the Zambian staff have been sorting through a number of bottlenecks in the general running of the schools. That, coupled with meetings and partner training, has been a lot to work.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A successful all-day partner training meeting which included two TGIZ alumni and three current second-year students interested in partnering with the institute starting January 2023.
  • Several high-level meetings with influential people in the church and in government.
  • Local library visit and interactions with staff
  • Visits to the Garden and Chazanga Satellite schools
  • Lusaka Minister’s Fellowship, attended by Bishops from various parts of Lusaka.
  • Hip Hop Conference for Christian artists.

Prayer Needs: TGIZ needs skilled men and women to take up the challenge of relocating to other towns to train others. TGIZ has only seven students who’ve paid up out of 17 from the 2022 graduating class. This is discouraging, but they are depending on God to lead the way forward.

Read the whole report here.

Encouraged after the Partner Training Meeting
Meeting at Garden and Chazanga Satellite schools

April, 2022

  • The Grace Institute Zambia has moved to a new office! With hearts full of gratitude, the move to the new premises has also grown the staff base. 
  • N’gombe Satellite School was given two solar lamps to help with nighttime visibility. We are grateful to our faithful ministry partners for making this possible. Now, these students do not have to use phone flashlights to read and study at night!
  • TGIZ currently has students who are legitimately struggling to cover their student fees. A case in point is a married couple at Kelvin’s Satellite School. They pay K1,000 each and are dedicated to their studies, but they struggle to settle outstanding fees.

Please continue to pray for provision in the students’ lives who desire education but do not have the means.

Students of N’gombe Satellite School study under two solar lamps.

March, 2022

Evaristo has been the most impressive School Partner in this quarter. He started Satellite School in February and recruited the most number of students. He has a total of nine first-year students. Eight of them paid in full before the payment deadline ended. However, one of the students, Paul, struggled to pay his full registration fee of K500. The other eight pooled in money and paid the full registration fee for him! What a fantastic display of brotherly love!

Please continue to pray for provision in the students’ lives so they can cover their school tuition.

Paul is grateful for the kindness displayed by his classmates!

February, 2022

  • Under the leadership of Isaac, Chazanga Satellite School received two solar lamps that adequately light up the room for both first and second-year students. The building they are meeting is not connected to the national power supply. In addition, the Garden Satellite School under Laston received two smaller lamps to assist them when power cuts in their classroom.
  • TGIZ has recorded a total of 20 first-year students in 5 schools. This brings the total number of students to 42!

Isaac setting up the solar lamps in Chazanga Satellite School.

December 7, 2021

In this update:

  • About our ‘Grace Ambassadors – We are teaching adult students, many over the age of 40 and many who have never had the opportunity to go to school! 
  • Satellite Schools to overcome challenges faced by in-person learning.
  • A testimony from TGIZ Alumnus – Stephen Musenge.

And so much more…! Click HERE to read the December 2021 Report.

September 17, 2021

Click HERE to read the September 2021 Report.

July 30, 2021

Gratitude flows from Zambia as the main classes of The Grace Project are continuing as they are able to take place online! In fact, some classes are safely able to meet in groups of 2 to 4 people to enhance their learning. This month, Basil, the TGP-A’s Director, had the opportunity to speak at a local church in Lusaka as they are interested in a future partnership with the school. Basil’s presentation and testimony filled the room with God’s glory!

Prayer Points:

  • For students to learn well despite being online and not meeting as a class as a whole.
  • Protection for all of the faculty and students as we continue to work in a country that is in the process of undergoing elections.
  • Pray for Zambia to be peaceful during elections

April 6, 2021

On the 29th of March 2021 we re-opened TGI classes with us doing the first 4 days of orientation.

All the students, both new and returning were excited that we had begun and we were pleased to have Brian and Murial join us for the first day via ZOOM. It was a trial experiment to see if we could do this and it worked so well that Brian joined us again on day 3 and 4 as we explored more from scripture whether God was angry with a believer if the believer sinned. It was a time of fellowship and questions as we came to our conclusions.

When we return again on the 6th of April we will be doing course book 1 with the first year students as we break into groups allowing the 2nd years to mentor the 1st. Come July the classes will break into two groups as we look towards graduating the 2nd year students in December.

We are still meeting at the Lusaka Hotel who have kindly given us space to use for the classes and we are ever so thankful for their continued support.

To Pray for:

  1. Protection as we hold physical classes
  2. All students and team members remain focused during lessons
  3. Continued growth in our partnership program
  4. more inroads as we contact pastors and churches in the coming months

To Praise for:

  1. We have been able to start classes in the month of March
  2. Brian and Murial were able to join us via ZOOM
  3. All the students have are back and learning
  4. We were able to meet our budget for March