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Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the world’s poor. With many economies now limping along, it is the poor that suffer the most. It is estimated that this crisis could push half a billion people into poverty. https://www.statista.com/chart/21382/poverty-levels-due-to-a-coronavirus-recession/. When we take a moment to think about this, these numbers can be staggering for us who live in the confines of the west. While there is economic hardship, the situation in many countries is far more dire. After years of economic progress and seeing people and families escape the cycle of poverty, we are now seeing more individuals struggle with their meager existence.

In April, MVC started to put the word out regarding the pending crisis in some countries and the incredible needs that people would be facing, you responded! You responded when we encouraged donors to support the efforts of relief – for immediate needs of food, medicine, etc. With generous hearts, as most Canadians do, you responded in donating over $65,000 ! Your contributions injected needed funds to maintain sustainability for the efforts overseas, but the also in providing food on the table and PPE for many children and families! THANK YOU!

Yet, the need is still present. The reality is: people are still struggling. With food prices and living expenses increasing dramatically due to the crisis, the need is great. Your support in this effort is still needed and so greatly appreciated!

– Brad Wilson (Director of MVC)

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