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Shelter of Hope – Education (Kenya & Nairobi)

After a year-long pause on education in Kenya in 2020, Shelter of Hope Academy’s doors have opened at the beginning of January 2021 to their students!  Students have returned with much excitement to learn but they are also exhausted by the multitude of challenges that they have faced; lack of income, food, and commodities, high risk of infection, a rise of inflation, and increased stressors within family dynamics. Although families and students are very eager to go back to school, it becomes difficult to accommodate the capacity of students while adhering to the Kenya COVID-19 regulations with little to no funding.

If you would like to help support Shelter of Hope Academy, there is an opportunity to sponsor  a student in 2021! This student sponsorship program will assist a child with education fees, medical care, nutrition and COVID requirements for 50$ CAD/Month. Once you are paired with a child, we will be sure to share information on the child you are providing for!

*If you would like to sponsor a child’s education at SOH, please click here!*


Christine’s Story



Christine is a level one student at Shelter of Hope Academy who has been without her school friends and teachers since mid-March 2020. Unfortunately, being one of the orphans housed by the school, the Kenyan Government ordered an evacuation and she was forced to reside with community guardians. Although Shelter of Hope distributed the emergency food supplies sponsored by MVC during the summer, many families, including Christine’s housing, had little to afford the high costs of water and nutrition regularly.




*If you are interested in sponsoring a child like Christine, Please Click Here!*

More news & updates from Impact Hope

Peacemaking Initiatives To Resolve Tribal Conflict

Peacemaking initiatives in Kenya are important as they provide a platform for dialogue, reconciliation and healing for people affected by conflict and violence. We are so grateful to Nigerian Ph.D. Dr. Dorcas Ettang, a Senior Lecturer in Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies Programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, for willing to provide solutions to some of the challenges KEDHAP is facing in their tribal peacemaking initiatives.

The event was held online on April 29, 2023. The audio recording is available in this blog post.

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Be a Virtual Mother to a Vulnerable Child!

As we approach Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the incredible role that mothers play in our lives. They are our caregivers, our teachers, and our biggest supporters. Unfortunately, not all children are blessed to have mothers or mother figures in their lives.

This Mother’s Day, would you like to change a child’s life by filling it with hope? Love starts with YOU!

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International Volunteer Week: Melanie’s Story

This week is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions of volunteers worldwide. Through their dedication and hard work, volunteers are making a positive impact in their local community and beyond. During this week, we are highlighting Melanie Magel’s story. Melanie started her journey with Tat’s Place, our children’s home in Puerto Maldonado, in 2019.

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