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Successful Stories of Girl Empowerment: Addah’s Story

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Addah is a 14-year-old girl who is 1 in over 4,000 female students that have benefitted from both KEDHAP’s Student Sponsorship and Sanitary Distribution Programs

Addah and Her Mother In front of Their Home.

Before Addah was born, her father passed away, leaving her mother, widowed with 5 young children. In order for her children to survive, Addah’s mother had no other choice but to work tirelessly every single day. Since they lived in a squatter community, Addah’s mother worked at different construction sites to earn a living, with hopes to make enough to also get her children through school.

Although Addah is the youngest child, she did not let that, nor her impoverished surroundings, define what she is capable of! In fact, Addah’s hard work and perseverance in school thus far have given herself and her family hope for a better future!


“Addah has been consistent in her academic performance since elementary school but without the support we received from KEDHAP, she couldn’t have reached this far because they ensured regular school attendance through the provision of financial help as well as sanitary towels and underwear. Before Addah was supported with proper sanitary towels, she would use old blanket pieces and cloths which made her uncomfortable and sometimes made her stay home from school. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported Addah’s education as they have given her the gift of a better future. This is the best blessings a mother could ask for her child.”

– Addah’s Mother

Addah and her Mother receiving a donation of sanitary pads from KEDHAP's Facilitator, Francisca.


Girls like Addah deserve to receive an education but the reality is that girls from poor families are more likely to drop out of school and marry at a very young age. But this does not have to be how their story ends! 

Because of people like YOU, Addah has successfully completed her Grade 8 National Exam with phenomenal results and will continue her education into high school. Not only has Addah been given the gift of education but she has also been given the gift of hope and the opportunity to break the hold that poverty has on her life! 

Will you help girls like Addah, break the hold that poverty has on their lives?

Donate today to help empower girls to stay in school and give them the education that they deserve! 

KEDHAP is the development, peace-building and relief arm of the Kenya Mennonite Church in the Diocese of Kisumu East. One of their major activities is to impact the community through Women & Girl Empowerment efforts. KEDHAP provides sanitary supplies, underwear, and counseling to over 4,000 girls each month who are from impoverished households. Because of KEDHAP’s programs and people like you, many girls like Addah can graduate from secondary school and avoid early marriage! (To learn more, click here).

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