Francisca a KEDHAP staff on the left with Syprine

KEDHAP Education: Syprine’s Story


KEDHAP’S Education Impact Stories: Syprine’s Testimony

Syprine’s Childhood
Syprine’s’ parents passed away while she was in grade four. She was brought up by an uncle who always instilled in her to always work hard. It, therefore, did not come as a surprise when Syprine who was attending Primary school at the time, was at the top of her class as she proceeded to high school. Her high marks got her a chance to study at a good High school. However, Syprine’s uncle who also had three of his own children already in high school was not able to pay her school fees and therefore, her education had to be paused.

KEDHAP’s Involvement
Seeing the potential in Syprine, her uncle visited KEDHAP’s office to ask for a scholarship on her behalf as he did not want her to stop her education just because he could not afford it. Due to KEDHAP’s educational program, they were able to enroll Syprine under a scholarship that paid her school fees throughout High School.

The Beautiful Transition In Her Life
Syprine enjoyed her time in High School and then passed her exams with flying colours. She was then admitted to study Criminology and IT at Maseno University.

Not only did Syprine graduate from University but she graduated with honors! Currently, Syprine has been working with several security firms which have given her a steady income and she is well on her way to finding a permanent job!

Francisca a KEDHAP staff on the left with Syprine
Francisca with Syprine, talking about her testimony.

Syprine’s Testimony
Reflecting on her journey and the impact that KEDHAP has made on, not only her career but on her whole life, Syprine shares:

“Some people see life as an adventure while others live life just to get by. It is all about your perspective! As a young girl, I knew that one day I would become somebody meaningful to the world. When my parents passed away, I was very young age and it left me devastated. Losing my parents resulted in experiences of denial, anger and grief.

One thing that I’ve learned is that doubt is a dangerous mindset that kills dreams before they become a reality. It can destroy your passion and enthusiasm. I did not want to infiltrate my mind with doubt, so I hung onto the little faith I had. Thankfully, I had my uncle to raise me and my siblings. He became our parent as he gave us everything a good parent would; he treated us as his own. I truly owe him a lot.

When my sister entered high school, life became tougher. Since my uncle had his own children and did everything he could to get us all through school, he exhausted all of his resources and we suffered financially. Although my uncle was overwhelmed with financial stress, he wanted to see me succeed and therefore continue with my education. The chief of our village advised my uncle to approach KEDHAP and through their foundation, we saw the mighty hand of God. KEDHAP was able to fund my education throughout High School and I am so thankful for the opportunity that they were able to give me.

In the end, I graduated University with a second-class honors upper division, Bachelor Degree in Criminology with Information Technology! Although I haven’t found a fulltime job yet, I have been getting contract jobs in my profession which have been sustaining me as well as my siblings. The amount of appreciation I have for KEDHAP and what they are doing is unfathomable. KEDHAP has saved me from a life filled with fear and hopelessness. Finally, I must say that: Everyone struggles in life so enjoy it – only because victory is in the hands of God!”

– Syprine O.

Girls like Syprine deserve to receive an education but the reality is that girls from low-income families are more likely to stop or drop out of school due to financial struggle or having older siblings that are male. But this does not have to be how their story ends! Not only has Syprine been given the gift of education but she has also been given the gift of hope and the opportunity to break the hold that poverty has on her life! 

Will you help girls like Syprine, break the hold that poverty has on their lives?

Donate today to help empower girls to stay in school and give them the education that they deserve! 

KEDHAP is the development, peace-building and relief arm of the Kenya Mennonite Church in the Diocese of Kisumu East. One of their major activities is to impact the community through Education. They are involved in assessments, funding over 35 highly qualified secondary school students who are either orphaned or from families in dire poverty (To learn more, click here).

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